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      首頁 > 新聞中心 > 公布2023年BELIMO公司業績持續增長
      點擊次數:115 更新時間:2024-02-28

      在過去的2023年里面博力謀公司取得了優越成績,并不斷創新!得感謝所有客戶們支持及選擇,博力謀主要用于暖通空調行業偏多,暖通空調控制閥市場報告是對全球與中國區域市場發展概況與趨勢的研究分析。依據報告中對暖通空調控制閥產業規模的分析部分,2023年,全球暖通空調控制閥市場規模達到 億元(人民幣),中國暖通空調控制閥市場規模達 億元,報告預測至2028年,全球暖通空調控制閥市場規模將會達到 億元,預測期間內將達到 %的年均復合增長率。 報告據種類將暖通空調控制閥分為PICV, 動平衡閥, 靜態平衡閥
      The Company’s history of organic growth is continuing. In most of its major countries, Belimo achieved high single- to double-digit net sales growth in the reporting period. The Group performed particularly strongly in the Americas, where it was able to sustain the market share gained last year and strengthen its position by convincing newly acquired customers of the advantages that Belimo offers – not only in terms of superior product availability, but also in terms of customer service excellence.